I tailor the journey around your objectives.  Maybe you want to bag a specific remote munro, seek out the best spots to photograph the magnificent landscapes, or explore sites of historical note.  Just let me know your interests when you make a booking enquiry and I'll put together a bespoke trip.

Some sample days of varying magnitude are outlined below for inspirtation.  Routes in the Cairngorms can generally be flexible, with plenty of options as to how to tackle each hill.  Details for each walk are included to give a sense of how challenging a journey it is likely to be, although on the day we will flex to suit your interests and the prevailing weather conditions.

Pricing: £140 per day for up to two people, additional £10 per person thereafter (up to a maximum of six people).

Chalamain Gap.jpg

The Chalamein Gap & Lurcher's Crag

Scramble up through the boulder strewn glacial melt water channel of the Chalamain Gap, before climbing to Lurcher's Crag for stunning views down the Lairig Ghru and across to Braeriach.  The route can be extended to walk along the top of the Northern Corries, possibly even summiting Cairn Gorm.

Details.  Distance: 12km.  Ascent: 650m.  Approximate time: 4-5 hours.

Details (including the Northern Corries & Cairn Gorm).  Distance: 16km.  Ascent: 1050m.  Approximate time: 6-7 hours.

Meall a' Bhuachaille.jpg

An Lochan Uaine & Meall a' Bhuachaille

Wander up the Ryvoan Pass to An Lochan Uaine - the green lochan - before heading up the Corbett (Scottish hill between 2500 and 3000 feet, with at least 500 feet of descent on all sides) of Meall a' Bhuachaille for views over to the Cairngorm plateau.

Details.  Distance: 16km.  Ascent: 720m.  Approximate time: 5-6 hours (although possible to shorten the day whilst retaining the highlights).

Loch an Eilein 3.jpg

Loch an Eilein & The Argyll Stone

Enjoy a forest walk along the banks of Loch an Eilein before climbing onto the hillside in search of Clach Mhic Cailein - the Argyll Stone - a granite tor from which Campbells marching to the Battle of Glenlivet in 1594 had their last glimpse of Argyll.

Details.  Distance: 18km.  Ascent: 640m.  Approximate time: 5-6 hours.

Sgor Gaoith.jpg

Sgor Gaoith

Walk up from Glen Feshie to summit this Munro for dramatic views over Loch Einich and across to the heart of the Cairngorm plateau.

Details.  Distance: 15km.  Ascent: 870m.  Approximate time: 5-6 hours.


Ben Macdui & Cairngorm: hunt for the Big Grey Man

Bag two Munros in this big day trip, including Scotland's second highest mountain; home to many an odd experience in local fokelore attributed to the presence of Am Fear Liath Mòr - the Big Gray Man.

Details.  Distance: 17km.  Ascent: 930m.  Approximate time: 6-7 hours.

Barns of Bynack 3.jpg

Bynack More & the Barns of Bynack

Hike through Scots Pine forest before climbing to this outlying Munro and visiting the Barns of Bynack - huge upstanding granite monoliths which have resulted from differential weathering and erosion since before the last Ice Age.

Details.  Distance: 20km.  Ascent: 890m.  Approximate time: 7-8 hours.


Braeriach & the Wells of Dee

Climb Scotland's third highest mountain and explore the Wells of Dee, where the River Dee emerges from the bedrock.

These are the Wells of Dee.  This is the river.  Water, that strong white stuff, one of the four elemental mysteries, can here be seen at its origins.  Like all profound mysteries, it is so simple it frightens me.  It wells from the rock, and flows away.  For unnumbered years it has welled from the rock, and flowed away.  It does nothing, absolutely nothing, but be itself.  Nan Shepherd.

Details.  Distance: 25km.  Ascent: 1300m.  Approximate time: 8-9 hours.